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Career Paths in Cybersecurity

Saarland University is offering 4 study programs in Cybersecurity in cooperation with CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security. Have a look at our Bachelor's Courses Cybersecurity (German or English) and our 2 Master's Courses preparing you to continue your career onsite or anywhere in the world.

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Award-Winning Teaching

Our lecturers Dr. Sven Bugiel, Prof. Dr. Christian Rossow, Dr. Yang Zhang, Dr. Ben Stock, etc. have been awarded the "busy beaver" during the last years. The award is voted for by students themselves for excellent teaching. This year. Dr. Michael Schwarz, received the award for the second time after 2021.
The two CISPA Faculty Bernd Finkbeiner and Andreas Zeller were awarded the State Prize for University Teaching (Landespreis Hochschullehre) of Saarland on March 19, 2020 for their study program “Entrepreneurial Cybersecurity”.
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